2016 Barber Tournament Results

2016 Barber Event: Brandon Jacobson (NJ) Wins 

Congratulations to FIDE CM Brandon Jacobson (NJ), rated 2333 who scored 5.5/6 in a field of eleven Masters which is also a record for this event. Jacobson gave up only one draw to WFM Emily Nguyen (TX) with a solid performance.  In addition to the title of Barber Champion of Champions, Brandon will receive a $5,000 College/University Scholarship to his school of choice,

There was a five way tie (4.5/6) for Second Place which included WFM Emily Nguyen (TX), NM Andrew Zheng (MD), Vincent Jingwei Baker (OH), FM Trung Q Nguyen (VA) and NM Ben Li (MI).
Jacobson was also the winner of the $500 for the Chess Scholarship for best result under the age of 13.
Further details can be found here:  http://uschess.org/results/2016/usopen/?page=STANDINGS&xsection=barber

New Jersey clear first in State Team Competition

 Congratulations to New Jersey on their commanding First Place finish (14/18) ending any doubt that their state team average (2232) was strong enough to take the top spot.  Their team was lead by Barber representative, CM Brandon Jacobson (5.5/6).  Denker representative, IM John Burke (4.5/6) and National Girls representative Angelica Chin (4/6) completed the effort.  Second Place team, Texas with a state team average (2174) was ½ point behind New Jersey followed by Virginia (2227) who took clear Third Place with ½ point below Texas.

State Team winners in the Under Sections were Oklahoma (Under 2100), Oregon (Under 1900) and Nevada (Under 1700).  Complete results can be found at:   http://www.uschess.org/results/2016/usopen/?page=STANDINGS&xsection=dgtcombined